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SUBAL-vantage: material

SUBAL Gehäuse sind als Ganzes aus einem Aluminium-Block gefräst

Because it comes down to it, only the best material comes to you! Therefore SUBAL housings are milled as a whole from a block of aluminum. This prevents air pockets and ensures absolute tightness. All housing parts and accessories are made of this same alloy, which is characterized by a high degree seawater resistance. An additional heat treatment (compensation) increases strength and hardness by about 30% and reduces the inevitable underwater deformations due to pressure load considerably. Guaranteed are shafts, screws, and many other parts made of high-alloy nickel-chromium coat steels. When only high-quality plastic parts, engineering plastics are used - for the best durability and service life.

SUBAL-vantage: surface

SUBAL Gehäuse

You have fun at your SUBAL housing in the long term, we see to that at the surface for maximum durability: means "hard coating" are brought wear and scratch resistance and corrosion resistance of all aluminum parts on a superior level by a protective layer of the greatest hardness and thickness (up to to 10 times an anodic coating) is generated. As additional wear protection acts a high quality, multi-layer powder coating.


SUBAL-vantage: Frontports

SUBAL Frontports

Especially with the front ports it depends on hardness and dimensional stability. Therefore, the body of most SUBAL ports of polyacetal resin. With the larger dome ports a seawater resistant light metal alloy is used and the hard coating process subject. When the quality of your underwater photos, the material of the windscreen plays a big role: why all SUBAL flat and dome lenses of glass and perfect optical quality (glass lens) made??. Plano lenses are also coated for optimum light transmission and better contrast performance on the inside.


SUBAL-vantage: Sealing

SUBAL  O-Ringe

The primary role of an underwater housing is to keep absolutely tight! Therefore SUBAL used exclusively O-rings that have been proven in industrial use as well as in underwater technology well: For seawater tauglichem material which is resistant in addition to all kinds of fats and oils, causing the eventual sources is avoided. For extra thick housing and port o-rings especially soft material is used, with the advantage that small enclosed dirt particles are embedded! SUBALs innovative closure system also excludes damage due to careless handling of a large extent. This keeps your body in the long term reliable tight.


SUBAL-vantage: usage

Which camera functions you want to do without? We believe: no! Therefore, our housing offer by default a larger than average number of function-throughs. Thus, the technical and creative possibilities of modern high-end SLR cameras also the underwater photographers are fully accessible. Wherever possible, the operating elements are optimized to handle close or placed as accustomed to the camera and not have required rethinking. The high-tech production after 2ndSkin principle leads to weight with the smallest possible dimensions - a not to be underestimated advantage for handling and transport.


-vantage: LongLife

Subal Unterwassergehäuse Technik

The items make a SUBAL housing more durable than you think! These all plastic parts produced in spray technology are virtually identical, interchangeable and therefore fit as a spare part even after many years. Then you can rely on all levers, knobs, gears, lens gear rings, caps etc.. To ensure this, we pay with the choice of production methods on constant quality: Housing and injection molds are CNC machined in-house to guarantee the perfect matching from the first track to the last of a series. In addition, each individual case is controlled in all production steps by hand: Multiple print samples, adjustment of all operating elements, check the electronics, to name just a few examples.

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