Why Subal ?


Often the quality of a photo is determined in the blink of an eye

This is especially true for underwater photography; a fraction of a second delay, a quick flip of a fishtail  – and that potentially perfect picture opportunity is lost. SUBAL recognizes the depth of the commitment our clients invest in this fascinating pastime, both mentally and financially, with our philosophy that places perfection first. Our housings are designed and manufactured to fit your camera like a second skin,  a no-compromise finish and hand-made quality.


Because we share your passion!

The identification with our clientele and their needs is the reason why accomplished underwater photographers around the world bank on SUBAL products proven reliability.  Our expertise in building underwater camera housings, combined with field tested conditions by our staff and pro team members result in our determination to build a world leading, state of the art product.  Our dedication is present in every step, from design, manufacture, quality check, dispatch and ultimately to you to capture that perfect photo.   


This steadily growing group includes well-known names such as:

Alex Mustard, Brian Skerry, Arturo Telle, Daniel Botelho, Gerald Nowak, Harald Slauschek, Predag Vuckovic, Martin Strmiska, Viktor Lyagushkin, Harald Hois, Thomas Haider, Silvia Boccato, Montse Grillo, George Karbus, Ellen Cuylaerts, Nuno Goncalves, Marty Snyderman, Rui Guerra, Todd Essick, Carlos Minguell Baños, Cathy Church, Dietmar Reimer, Eric Hanauer, Ernst Seeling, Jeremy Cuff, Mark Webster, Martin Edge, Matthias Blättler 

The material:
At SUBAL, we only use the very best materials – because it matters! For this reason SUBAL machines its housings from a single block of aluminium. This process eliminates air enclosures and guarantees the housings are absolutely leak proof. All housing parts and accessories are made from the same, high grade, seawater-resistant alloy. Additional heat treatment (tempering) increases strength and hardness by 30% and significantly reduces the inevitable deformation resulting from hydrostatic pressure under water. All shafts, screws and other parts are guaranteed to be made from high alloy nickel chromium coated steel. Plastic parts are made exclusively from top grade, industrial polymers, ensuring maximum durability and longevity.


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