Camera Insurance

We insure your camera and video equipment, drones and projection technology
From the small hobby equipment to the professional equipment you are well insured with us.
Our special services
• All-risk cover
• Awkwardness
• First pary damage
• Faulty operation,
• Fall, fall and impact damage
• Theft
• Burglary theft
• Robbery and looting
• 24/7 protection in locked vehicles
• 24/7 protection from the hotel room
• Non-reclaimed air baggage
• Damaged air baggage
• Reimbursement of the repair bill or replacement: always to the new value
• Distribution into stationary equipment and mobile use possible
• Geographical scope "Europe" or "World" freely selectable, free expansion 2 times a year for 4 weeks
• General deductible between “zero", 125 euros or 250 euros

Please, for more information and application, download following documents:
Document 01
Document 02
Document 03